Want List

People ask me what I’m looking for. It’s not always easy for me to answer that question. Some of what I don’t have, I’m not actively looking for as copies are readily available and in some cases, even still in print. For me, it’s more about the documentation, and most major artists have complete discographies available somewhere.

Some of what I do already have, I’m in the market for extra or upgraded copies if the price is right (I usually do not pay full retail rate, fyi).  So, if you have Indiana records for sale, I’d appreciate knowing about them whether they’re on my list, or not.  Besides, since no one knows every record that has been released in Indiana, you may have something that’s new to me.

Below is the list of records that I have documented to exist and that I currently do not own. If you have copies available, please contact me and let me know what you want for each title, along with condition information.  Also please note that since I’m finding records all the time, this list may be slightly out of date.  Trades are possible, I have hundreds of duplicate Indiana LP’s.  If you’re looking for something, let me know.

4X-Sample – Time Bomb 12”
Aebersold, Jamey (2,4,14,16,18,19,23,25,26,27,28,29, 30, 37)
Afrika Korps – God it’s Them Again, Music to Kill by (orig only)
After 7 – s/t
Alexander, Mousey –  The Mouse Roars
Alpert, Trigger – Trigger Happy
Appleton, Killer Ray (any)
Amulet S/T Shadow (original only)
Babyface – A Closer Look
Baker, David – Janos Starker Plays David Baker
Baker, David – Western Arts Trio Volume 2
Barth, Benny – Drums on Fire
Bell, Dee – One by One
Bennett, Boyd – Rock and Roll (King orig)
Bernhardt, Milt (any)
Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows – Playing For Keeps
Birchall, Steve Reality Gates (Ovation label only)
Blackwood, Easley Jr. (any)
Blake Babies – Nice Nicely
Blake Babies – Sunburn
Blankenship Brothers (any)
Bleak, Charlie – And Friends
Blinding Tears – S/T
Blue Wisp Big Band – Live at Camelo’s
Bluegrass Blackjacks – Let’s All Pray Together
Bluegrass Blackjacks – S/T
Bonnie Gringo Band – Blue Eyed the Fiddler
Bothwell, Johnny – What Happened
Bowling, Clyde – Make Mine Bluegrass
Brim, John and Elmore James – Whose Muddy Shoes?
Brim, John & Pinetop Perkins – Chicago Blues Session Volume 12
Brothers of Struggle (BOS) – Booty Watching 12”
Brown Betty – Thriller
Browne, Jan – Tell Me Why
Bubbles, John W. (any)
Buddha the Bad One – From Fed 2 Fame 12”
Bunch, John (any)
Burton, Gary (many)
Bush, Charles – Waiting For You to Dance 12”
CCR Crew – Stretchin the Pieces 12”, House Slap 12”
Captain Stubby – most
Carr, Leroy – Blues Before Sunrise
Cassella, Frank – Alter Ego
Checkmates Ltd – F/S/O
Checkmates Ltd – Bobby Stevens & the Checkmates, Ltd.
Checkmates Ltd – We Got the Moves
Chitwood, Joe – Out of the Night
Circle City Band – My Place 12″
Clark, Rickie  – Flam 12″ –
Clark, Rickie  – Ladies Night 12″
Clark, Rickie Company 12″ – Time to Throw Down
Clay, Otis (any)
Cohran, Phil//Oscar McClure – Million Dollar Monkey
Collins, Cal  – Crack’d Rib w Steve Schmidt Trio
Collins, Cal  – Milestones
Condoli, Conte (most)
Condoli, Pete (most)
Condon, Eddie (most)
Cooksey, Ray – I Wanna Come Back 12″
Counts – Best of the Counts (Dot)
Crawlspace (most)
Curtis Brothers – S/T
Dailey, Pete (any)
DeParis, Wilbur (most)
Dianne and the Country Rovers
Disease – Catch the Disease
Eaton, John (most titles)
Eversole, Nancy – Kentucky Woman
Fathers & Suns – Who What When Where & Why
FBC Band – Worth a Fortune
First Friday – S/T
Flory, Med (most)
Four Freshmen – many
Frazier, Caesar – Hail Caesar
Frazier, Caesar – Child of the Wind 12″
Freed, Edward – Readin’s From Riley
Funk, Inc. – Priced to Sell
G-Stak – World Wide Hustlin’ 12”
Gaither, Little Bill (not the gospel Bill Gaither)
Gore, Charlie (any)
Greathouse Brothers – Going Home
Guns and Roses – Appetite For Destruction (rape cover)
Hamilton, Ed – Bluegrass Angel
Hamilton, Jeff Quartet – Indiana
Hampton, Slide (most)
Harmonnettes – People Say
Harris, Thurston (any)
Hartsmen – Bright New Sound
Harvey, Tom – Payday Country
Headstone – Still Looking
Henderson, Florence – Flower Drum Song, others
Joe Hinton Duke-Peacock Remembers ABC/Duke
Joe Hinton Funny How Time Slips Away Backbeat
Higbie, Barbara (most)
Hitch-Hikers Thank you for your love H-H
Hickory Wind S/T (original only)
Hipple, Rick – Merry Christmas
Hoi Polloi S/T Custom Fidelity (not the reissue)
Hubbard, Freddy –Blue Note originals
Iced Earth (any)
Indiana featuring Gary Hall Back Home Again (Mark II)
I.N.D. 12″ – Everyone Likes to Do It
IU Jazz Ensemble – S/T from 1965
Jarvis, Jane – To Hoagy With Love
Jewel – Jewel’s Groove 12”, Cut and Polished LP
Johnson, JJ. (most early titles)
Jones, Rev. Jim (People’s Temple related)
Kinsey Report, Big Daddy Kinsey – most
KLAS – I Destroyed Your Love 12”
Kleinow, Sneaky Pete (any)
Lazer Band – When the Manslayers Jam
Lazer Band – Slammin’ Romance
Lazy Cowgirls (most)
Le Boiz – Let’s Dance 12”
Leeson, Cecil (any)
Lewis, Bobby (any)
Licking Valley Boys – Take Me Back to the Mountains
Mack, Lonnie – many
Magi – Win or Lose
Marcus – The Return
Master Slave Relationship – This Lubricious Love
Mastersounds (most)
Mazelle, Kym (any)
McLean, Barton & Priscilla McLean – Electronic Music
Meriweather, Roy Trio – Live
Miller, Darryl and the Pace Changers Just Plain Country Pace Changer
Montgomery Brothers (most)
Montgomery, Buddy (any)
Montgomery, Monk (most)
Montgomery, Wes (early titles)
Moore, Lattie (any)
Most, Dennis (I’m not Dead yet, Indianaroadkillorama, Excuse My Spunk)
Mutha Goose – Alpha Omega
N.D. Crews Volume 1 – Presents the Legion of Doom 12″
Nelson, Phyllis (Move Closer)
New Dixie Zing Kings
O’Banion, John (any)
O’Neal, Alexander – Do You Dare?
Owens, Shad and Hi-Way Rhythm Boys – Souvenir Album
Patterson, Kellee – Turn On the Lights
Patterson, Kellee – All the Things You Are
Patterson, Don (any)
Perrin, Chuck and Mary –Next of Kin, Life is a Stream
Peterson, Brenda – the Gentle Touch
Popejoy, Louis – Heirs of Bluegrass
Priddy, Nancy – You’ve Come this Way Before
Problematics – The Kids All Suck
Ranelin, Phillip – The Time is Now!
Ranelin, Phillip – Vibes From the Tribe
Ranelin, Phillip – Love Dream
Raw Power – Screams from the Gutter
Redd Hott – Caution! Red Hott.
Redding, Gene –  Blood Brother
Reider, John Henry – Folks with the Blues
Reeves-McDaniel, Inga – Oriental Special 12”
Rexroth, Kenneth – Poetry and Jazz at the Blackhawk
Rhythm Machine – Put a Smile on Time 12”
Rivieras -Campus Party
Rhoten, Ken – Flying Saucer Man
Roberts, Kenny – most
Rocken Horse – RockenRoll
Ross, Jack – Quite the Handyman
Shades – First Joy
Shondell, Troy – This Time
Shondell, Troy – Wanted Dead or Alive
Siler, L.B. & Round Mountain Boys – If That’s the Way You Feel
Silver Dollar Band-  S/T
Skafish – S/T
Skafish – Conversation
Shay, Sheryl and the David Baker Big Band – Sophisticated Lady
Sherwood, Bobby (any)
Siler, LB and the River Mountain Boys
Sir Jasmin – Black Love 12”
Sirucek, Jerry – Oboe Plays
Sloppy Seconds – Endless Bummer
Sloppy Seconds – More Trouble Than They’re Worth
Spaniels – Good Night, It’s Time
Spaniels – S/T
Spaniels – Hits of
Spaniels – Unavailable 16 Hits
Spaulding, James – Plays the Legacy of Duke
Starker, Janos (most)
Steady Wailin’ Sid – Spirit of 76 With Love
Stepp, Rodney – The Ride 12″
Stormy Weather (most)
Sturgis, Jim – Every Night
Sycamore Strummers – Banjo Fun for Everyone
Tackett Brothers Band – Long Haired Country Boy
Taylor, Montana – Montana’s Blues
Tennessee Rail Splitters (any)
Tharp Brothers Band – S/T
Thornhill, Claude (most)
Three Hundred Sixty Degrees 12″
Tinkers – Relax with Volume 2
Todd (Wathen) –  With Love…From Me To You (original)
Tone Set – Calibrate
Tribulation – Bubble Gum Rappers 12”
Tribune, Mark and the Alamo Band Home Sweet Home
Tyrant’s Reign – Reign of Tyrants
Ultra High Frequency – Sideline 12”
V.A. WYER Homegrown Rock
V.A. Whole Lotta Shakey’s Going On (Shakey’s Pizza)
V.A  Fine Times at Our House: Fiddle Ballads of Indiana
Varnell, Dwayne and the Southern Comforts – Pickin’ It your Way
Velo Deluxe – Super Elastic
Vinnegar, Leroy – Glass of Water
Vinnegar, Leroy – Leroy Walks!
Vinnegar, Leroy – Jazz’s Greatest Walker
Vinnegar, Leroy – The Kid
Vonnegut, Kurt (any)
Vulgar Boatmen – Please Panic
Weathers, Felicia (any)
Wilson, Jack (most)
Winters, Jerri (most)
Wolverines Jazz Orchestra
Wood Brothers – Movin’ On
Wooden Glass – Recorded Live featuring Billy Wooten
Wrecking Crew 12″ – Chance to Dance
Wright, Ruby – Dern Ya
Xenakis, Iannis (most titles)
Yezda Urfa – Sacred Baboon
Yezda Urfa – Boris (original or reissue)
Youngblood, Don – For the Good Times
Yvonne and Larry – Respectfully Yours
Zanetis, Michael – any(Updated 04/06/13)