Uncle Rudolf’s Returns to..uh..the EXACT same spot!

Guest Post by Steve Peck of Uncle Rudolf’s

After being gone for several months, vinyl is back in Fountain Square!  Uncle Rudolf’s Records, once a neighborhood fixture within Square Rootz Deli, is back at its old address.   Uncle Rudolf’s is now found within Harloh’s Vintage clothing store, which recently moved  into the same 1110 E. Prospect St. location where Square Rootz used to be!   You can find the record racks in the rear of the store, by the men’s clothing section.

Having records and vintage clothing together is a real natural, offering the best of all possible worlds – very cool vintage clothes and very cool old records.  At the “Racks” you can find vintage albums from the 50’s and early 60’s, as well as a ton of Classic Rock (including obscure favorites), old school Jazz, real Country, plenty of R&B, Funk and Disco, lots of New Wave and Alternative, and as much Punk and Metal as can be kept stocked (it goes super fast!).  Uncle Rudolf’s prides itself on its selection, even if it is limited to a couple of racks.  Meticulous care is taken in selecting records for sale, and the stock is updated nearly every week to keep things fresh and exciting.  Prices are very reasonable, making it affordable to buy a stack and still have change in your pocket.  Higher end records and collector’s items are available as well.

Uncle Rudolf’s is run by Steve Peck, a long-time central Indiana record collecting fanatic.  Steve has taken his extensive experience as a customer and has put together a nice little operation that should appeal to the novice beginner as well as the seasoned collector.  Steve also sets up shop at the local Alpha Music Collectors conventions with a completely separate stock.   There is nothing he loves more to do than hunt something down for you, or have a conversation about your favorite tunes.

Uncle Rudolf’s Records
1110 E. Prospect St
Indianapolis, IN  46203
Located in the historic Fountain Square neighborhood


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