Record Store Day 2011: Indianapolis

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Took a spin through three Indy stores on Record Store Day this past Saturday:  Indy CD & Vinyl, Luna, and Vibes.

Due to other obligations, I wasn’t able to get going until 1 pm or so.  By this time, Indy CD& Vinyl was pretty much mobbed, though it was possible to move around.  I nested my visit after Pop Lolita’s set and just before Beta Male was to start.  As much as I wanted to see both bands, I was focused on the shopping part.

At Indy CD, there was a long line at the cash register, probably 20 or more folks, stretched all the way to the back of the store.  As most of my meager record budget goes towards Indiana stuff these days, I didn’t come there on a mission to buy RSD merch, though some of it intrigued me.  I ended up grabbing the 2 LP “Live at the Old Waldorf” set by Television, something I missed on CD a few years back and was glad to land.  A trip through their used vinyl-which continues to improve, by the way–landed me an original German copy of the first Kraftwerk LP.  An extravagance at $60, but hey, it was Record Store Day.  And it completed my run of early Kraftwerk originals–the pre-Kraftwerk Organisation – Tone Float lp and the Kraftwerk II have been in my collection for a while now.  Also nabbed a cheap copy of the Evansville radio sampler, “Home Cookin” from rock station KC103, which includes a cut by hard rock legends Amulet.  Fortunately by the time I was ready to check out, the line was down to a handful.

On to Luna, which was a complete madhouse.  They did it up right–several ancillary tents outside, including a $1 CD fest that pulled me in and West Coast Tacos which I somehow missed, but got to holler at Mudkid Rusty Redenbacher during his outdoor DJ set.  I left happily with eleven buck CD’s and could have grabbed many more but it was hard to see everything due to the crowd.  Highlights were three Punkin Holler Boys demo CD’s from their early days.  I really wanted to go inside–ya think?–but the combination of a crush of people and a very loud live hip-hop set were enough of a barrier that I couldn’t deal.  Getting old, dang it.  I’m sure I missed some goodies.

Vibes was the calmest spot, but the traffic there was still brisk.  I arrived pre-entertainment and was happy to pick up copies of Zero Boys – “History Of” and Action Strasse’s LP, both of which had been on my list for awhile.  Also found a nice used copy of the Math Bats goth-wave LP from the 80’s, something that doesn’t turn up much.  None of it RSD merch, but again, that wasn’t necessarily what I was after.  Though I was sorry I didn’t land a copy of Big Star “Third” test pressing.  Emerging Indianapolis label Glory Hole Records was prominent with a table of nice looking releases, but I wasn’t sufficiently tuned in to buy.  Hope they did well.

Would have liked to hit Larry and Jane’s in Fountain Square, but curtailed my trip due to massive hunger of the food variety.

Reflecting on this as a collector, fan, and former record store owner, I am thrilled to see the patronage at our local stores, but I’m a little distressed at the “manufactured collectible” frenzy that is driving much of this traffic–dozens of limited pressings designed to be out of print in a single day.  By Sunday night, there were more than 3,000 listings for Record Store Day vinyl on eBay, a clear indication of the “grip and flip” mentality that pervades this fine holiday.  Unavoidable and not necessarily a bad thing, but I found myself wishing for the old days of not so long  ago.

When every day was record store day. ;=)


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  1. great post Rick, sorry I didn’t run into you! I was at Indy CD/Vinyl and Luna but only briefly. Grabbed the Flaming Lips boxset.

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