Campbell, Virginia and Lucina Moxley
Campbell, Royce
Canada, Kathy
Candoli, Conte
Candoli, Pete
Candy Stripes
Captain Hook and his Pirate Crew
Captain Stubby
Carey-Oberlin Band
Carlton, Mariane
Carlton Taylor Band
Carmichael, Hoagy
Carol Lou Trio ( featuring Carol Lou Hedges, now Carol Lou Woodward)
Carr, Leroy
Cary, Will and the Nightcrawlers
Cassella, Frank (ex Stencil Forest)
C.C. Express
Cellutron & the Invisible
Cessna, Everett and the Country Rebels
Charles, Sonny
Checkmates Ltd.
Chitwood, Joe
Chosen Few
Churnick, Leslie
Circle City Band
Circus City Concert Band
Circus City Six
Clay, Otis
Clear Creek Singers
Cobine, Al
Coe, Jimmy
Coker, Jerry
Collins, Cal
Collins, Cisco and the Kentucky Grass
Collins, Sam
Colony Singers
Command Performance
Condon, Eddie
Conscious Effort Band
Cooksey, Ray
Cool Gabriels
Cooper, Funder
Cork, Harold and Shirley Jaye
Corum, Pete
Cousins from Venus
Country Expressions
Country, Inc.
Country Music Club of Indiana
Country Travelers
Cowboy Bob
Crafty Hands (ex Yezda Urfa)
Crawlspace (Eddie Flowers)
Crane, Joan
Crofut, Bill
Crothers, Scatman
Crucible (Earlham College)
Cruisinberry, Tom
Crusty Crumbs
Curtis Brothers (ex These Vizitors)
Curtis, Larry and Nancy

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