The Mission

It’s been about four years, maybe longer, since this quest began. We’re trying to document every vinyl LP released by an Indiana artist or by an Indiana label from 1950 – 1990.

it’s been a challenge, even more so than anticipated.  With most private pressings at 500-1000 copies, and most being lost to the passage of time, the vast majority are scarce, even in the towns in which they are made. We think we’re getting close to documenting every significant release, but there are many discoveries yet to be made.

We picked 1950 as the starting point as that was essentially the beginning of the LP era.  1990 is more arbitrary. The late 1980’s marked the end of the vinyl record as the primary music medium; by this time most releases were CD/cassette or CD only. While there have been vinyl releases continuously since 1990, that is another story for another time.

We include both “major label” releases as well as local, private or band-released records.  While we will document the output of such luminaries as John Mellencamp and Wes Montgomery, we are more interested in ferreting out lesser known releases from our state.The only exceptions in our census will be religious and school/choir records, most of which will be excluded due to limited interest.

All LP’s with an Indiana connection are eligible for inclusion, such as those pressed by Indiana labels even if the band did not make Indiana its home, those pressed outside of Indiana that were from Indiana artists, etc. We’ll even try to document some that feature session or band members from Indiana, even if the band itself was never really an Indiana band.

As Indiana borders four states there are “tweeners”, artists and/or labels that have ties to both Indiana and another state. We tend towards inclusiveness in such cases.

The alphabetical pages at top contain lists of Indiana related artists documented so far; these are updated from time to time.  Eventually we will have pages for each artist and their release info.

We’re also beginning to track 12″ singles and cassettes.  See the 12″ page for a list of artists that we have documented to release a 12″ single.  Most are rap/hip hop but not all.  Some of these are post 1990 as the 12″ medium has continued more or less unabated to present day.  .

Interested in Indiana 45’s?  Go to for a thorough documentation of those.

Were you, or your family/friends in a band that released a record in Indiana?  Do you have Indiana related records for sale–45’s, LP’s, cassettes, posters, etc?  Maybe unreleased recordings, old 8×10’s, you name it.  We’d love to hear from you.  Please send us a note via our contact page.